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Field introduction
  PCM paints produced by SAMHWA PAINTS is an achievement obtained in 1987 through technical cooperation with Japan Oil Company, which has a considerable contribution on expanding PCM paints market in Korea. Cooperated with France “AKZO PHEMACOAT S、A” Company on technique in 1994, SAMHWA PAINTS is engaged in the development and production of special paints “PVC SoL” with good corrosion resistance, and relevant products have been exported to various countries in the world all the year round.
   Using the latest equipment without any error including siloxane, polyester, fluorine, etc., its functionality and processability are recognized in the industries of coating on the inner and outer steel plates of all kinds of buildings and home appliance metal materials.
Use scope
It is used for the steel plates of inner and outer decorative materials of buildings, name plates, lighting instruments, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, etc..
Typical products
General polyester paints high-weather-resistant functional polyester paints silicon polyester paints polyvinylidene fluoride (fluorine paints) linear polyester paints printing paints liquid plastic adhesive paints decorative design paints embossing paints blackboard paints whiteboard paints and biological antibacterial paints
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