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Field introduction
  In addition to pollution-free toy paints, SAMHWA PAINTS also produces steel furniture, electronic products, metal products, PVC, glass, industrial machinery, automation equipment, auto spare parts, plastic, etc., covering various kinds of multifunctional paints for general industry. Furthermore, it also produces and supplies the high-quality products applicable to natural hardening, heat hardening, dipping coating, vacuum coating, etc.. For the industrial paints produced and supplied by SAMHWA PAINTS, its color is abundant, with outstanding durability, economical efficiency and practicability, improving the style of various kinds of instruments and equipment which is necessary in the life. Meanwhile, SAMHWA PAINTS is also devoted into the development of environment-friendly products and new technology.
Use scope
  Applicable to steel furniture, electronic products, metal products, PVC, glass, industrial machinery, automation equipment, auto spare parts, plastic, etc..
Typical products
Drying paints
Equipped with outstanding water resistance and chemical resistance, particularly, introducing anti-pollution function, and becoming the paints which can comply with the requirements of environmental protection era.
Heat resisting paints
The heat resisting paints made with resin and pigment equipped with outstanding heat resistance as main raw material.
Heating fluorine paints
The super-weatherability paints made with PVD fluorine resin and special pigment with outstanding weather resistance.
Polyurethane paints
Common paints and easily operated with outstanding covering power and scratch resistance. Applicable to mass production of general wood, senior furniture, etc..
Epoxy paints
With excellent operability, mechanical strength, adhesive force with the concrete and shaking degeneration, it is applicable to sealing of polymer concrete.
UV paints
With high-speed hardening performance, it is suitable for preheating vulnerable materials, and can be widely applied into paper, plastic, wood, metal, glass and the whole industrial field.
Glass paints
Liquid heating hardening paints. With special acrylic polyurethane resin as main load agent, it can be coated on the surface of glass easily by use of pouring mode.
Auto spare parts paints
The physicochemical property of paints complies with the provisions of national coating quality, and it is used as anti-rust coating of all steel spare parts inside and outside the vehicle.
Water paints
It is well known that the oil paints used currently will release VOC and other harmful gas during drying and pollute the environment. The organic solvent composition volatilized during coating will have a direct harm on operating personnel’s health, throw cold water on operators’ working enthusiasm, and even the fire may occur in the process of drying. In order to overcome the above shortages and improve the environmental pollution, SAMHWA PAINTS launches the water paints with operation property higher than (or equal to) that of the oil paints.
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