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Field introduction
  The products produced and supplied by SAMHWA PAINTS include the building roof waterproof material of “ONE SHOT TAN”, “EPO COAT” with excellent dustproof property, all-weather elastic floor decoration “URECOAT” through the certification of International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), superfast hardening “POLYUREA” and other general paints and special paints.
Use scope
  The parking lot, machinery room, electric room, office room, hospital corridor, operating room, hotel lobby, computer room, clean room, electronic components factory, chemical factory, food factory, laboratory, various kinds of warehouse, factory floor, etc..
Typical products
Waterproof paints
Polyurethane waterproof paints, with special features of tenacious waterproof layer, excellent elasticity and elongation, can prevent crack of outer wall of buildings and water leakage and penetration which may occur due to shrinkage and expansion of buildings.
Epoxy floor materials
With excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties as well as firm and light coating, it is applicable to the floor of all kinds of plant, parking lot, clean room, etc..
Polyurethane floor materials
It is widely used relying on its flexible elasticity, outstanding shock absorption, reduction of the human-body fatigue, firm coating and excellent abrasive resistance.
Anti-static floor materials
This functional floor materials is applied to the high-tech factories of semiconductor, electricity, electron, etc...
Special functional floor materials
Resin mortar floor materials are equipped with high-strength shock resistance, abrasive resistance and excellent acid resistance.
Resin mortar floor materials
The construction can be conducted by selection of different size of quartz sand according to the application of floor of parking lot.
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