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Field introduction
  For the heavy anti-corrosion paints, the main distinction with the conventional anti-corrosion paints is that its technic is relatively high and difficult, with many aspects of technical progress and products development involved. It has no longer relied on the knowledge and experience related to paints excessively, instead, it depends on the knowledge related to electric, physics, ecology, machinery, instrument and management and intersection. For the synthesis of high corrosion resistant resin, application of high efficient dispersant and rheological agent, development of new anti-corrosion and permeability pigment and filler, application of advanced construction tools, construction maintenance technology, on-site detection technology, etc., they need to be applied into the heavy anti-corrosion paints and coatings synthetically.    SAMHWA PAINTS makes technical cooperation with world-known paints company, pays attention to the improvement of quality and development of new products, and develops and produces heavy anti-corrosion coating system and heavy anti-corrosion paints with special function on heat resistance, weather resistance and contamination resistance solely.
Use scope
  For the backbone industry including chemical factories, seaside, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power plants, bridges, oil tanks, steel structure, etc., which needs to be constructed with huge fund invested, the most important thing is to prevent corrosion, store it for a long term and improve its service life.
Typical products
Inorganic zinc-powder chlorinated rubber alkyd resin acrylic resin kerite epoxy resin polyurethanes fluorine paints organic zinc-powder used for ships ceramics etc
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